SKM Xinyi Place A8 4F Public

SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHITaipei Xinyi Place A8 4F Floor Design

Introducing a renewal project of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A8 children’s floors, 4F& 5F, including the outdoor terrace on 4F, making up a total of approximately 9915 square meters in Xinyi District, Taipei. 

The plan for both floors was created by integrating different zonings into theme park experience, surrounding the whole concept of “Kids Wonderland”. The project was designed with a vision of a wonderland providing an enjoyable shopping experience for both adults and children.


As for 4F, based on the floor concept ”Kids Dreaming Town”, we designed the space with the keywords “Gift & Relax” born in mind, so that it presents a sense of cuteness and lingering in moms’ perspectives as well. With the fun devices suitable for adults as well as children set up all over the shopping area, a dreamy land is built.