SKM Xinyi Place A8 6F Beauty & Aroma Floor

SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHITaipei Xinyi Place A8 6F Floor Design    

A renewal project of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A8 6F& 7F, a flagship department store with 6610 square meters in Xinyi District, Taipei. We decided to set a common design theme for 2 floors which was called  “Urban Experience House” for relating. As for 6F, we provided a space with a quality organic atmosphere based on its product structure. We designed one floor in the department store as one select shop including public space, aroma fragrance area, beverages & wares and bedroom goods.

這次負責位於台北市新光三越旗艦店信義A8館6樓・7樓,總計2000坪的全面大規模改裝。6樓・7樓是兩個樓層以「Urban Experience House(理想中的都市住宅生活)」為一個大主題來呼應兩樓層的關係性,6樓是能感受有機生活並且能親身體驗高質感的居家品味的理念來設計樓層環境、香氛精油、飲品道具、精選臥室用品(自主編輯賣場)。樓層整體為一個大型選物店來執行設計。