Hair salon CHARM|Koshigaya-shi SAITAMA

The ways of communication have changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. We incorporated such changes into this salon. The project started with a wish of our client who wanted to start his own business for the first time in a new store.

The design concept of the store was built on the notion that it should not be a place people visit just so they can upload some photos of it to the social media. Rather, people should be impressed and drawn by the experience here which will be imprinted on their memory. Based on these thoughts, we seek to design a new style of salon in this project.

The design centered on a private, and yet open space where people can feel secure and relaxed. During the design process, the questions of “How to welcome the customers?” and “What makes the space cozy?” were posed, which we attempted to answer by taking the personal feeling, eye contacts, space density, air flow, and the room structure design into consideration. 

For us, it’s a salon that stresses the importance of one’s memory in terms of the experience itself rather than photographs.