SKM Xinyi Place A8 5F Wear&Shoes|Toy | DIY & Goods

SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHITaipei Xinyi Place A8 5F Floor Design

Introducing a renewal project of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A8 5F, the children’s floor. Based on the floor concept ”Kids BrickTown”, we transformed the space into a big toy box for children to put a lot of toys in. All elements were over-scaled while presented in the shape of real toys, luring the playfulness in the children.


There are three different zones in the island area: Wear & Shoes, Toy, and DIY & Goods, making up a total of 2480 square meters. In order to present the characteristics of each zone, each was assigned an individual theme and transformed into distinct select shops.


The expected age of the children visiting 5F is older than 4F. The design concept and elements of all products were set appropriately so that the space is enjoyable for both adults and children.