SKM Taichung Zhonggang VIP ROOM


We designed the renovation of the “VIP Lounge” at the Taichung Zhonggang store, the leading flagship store of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store in Taiwan. Mitsukoshi launched a new Black Card for the most exclusive Gold Card members for the renovation this time. To cater to the superior service standards of the new Black Card, we have carefully planned and designed everything from the interior design and display of the premium taste to the internal coordination, including all aspects of the space concept, scale, and services.
這次負責的項目是位於台灣業績領先的新光三越百貨旗艦店 – 台中中港店的 “貴賓室” 翻新計畫。為了這次貴賓室的翻新,三越特別推出了面向金卡最尊貴客戶的全新黑卡。以迎合新黑卡的優越服務水準,我們從尊貴品味空間的室內設計、陳列展示,到內部協調一應俱全,包括空間概念、規模和服務等各個層面,都由我們公司精心策劃和設計。


The space concept is “URBAN SECRET GESUTO HOUSE,” a secret villa for the selected few.


Mitsukoshi Taichung Zhonggang Department Store is a place full of joy and energy, the VIP ROOM is a private social place with a special atmosphere that only selected people can enjoy. Away from the hustle and bustle of shopping, people can’t peek inside from the outside, but can only feel a unique and intense atmosphere from the wooden doors.


We meticulously partitioned this 331m² space into “VIP ROOM” and “V VIP ROOM.” We paid special attention to the movement and space configuration between the public and private seating areas. Even in the post-pandemic era, we continue to prioritize the need of privacy while creating an open atmosphere. The design of the space ensures that every VIP experiences a sense of personal privacy.
在新的100坪空間中,我們精心劃分了「貴賓專屬的VIP ROOM 」和「至尊貴賓的 V VIP ROOM」。我們特別注重在公共座位區和私人座位區之間的動線和空間配置。即便在疫情后,我們也兼顧了隐私需求,並同時營造出疫情後的開放氣氛。空間的設計確保每一位顧客都能感受到自有的私密性。


The space is designed to accommodate a variety of occasions (a VIP, a family gathering, a gathering of friends), all of which can create a warm, soft atmosphere through the skillful use of natural outdoor sunlight and shadow. We chose soft colors and high-quality materials with a pleasant touch to create a feeling of both luxury and relaxation. In addition, we also designed the furniture originally which blends well into the space, to complete a special space that combines comfort and splendor.

View of the entrance from the department store’s sales floor which is unmarked and opens up a kind of mystery to the public. The heavy oak door creates an air of tension.


The design of the window openings also takes into consideration the view of the “Opera House (National Taichung Theater)” designed by Toyo Ito.