Quesite Nagoya

QuesiteNagoya・Ikeshita Streetside Store

Our new design project is ” Quesite(ケスィート)”, a cheese boutique with carefully selected cheeses and wines from all over Europe.

Cheese has a history of thousands of years, and it is the wisdom that mankind has drawn from nature. We designed a space that gives people “new feelings” and “surprises towards tradition” based on this “culinary tradition”.

這次設計的新項目是起士專賣店 Quesite,裡面的起士和葡萄酒全來自歐洲各地的精心嚴選。
擁有數千年歴史的起士,是人類從大自然中汲取的智慧。 通過這樣的「飲食傳統」,我們設計了一個給人有 「新感動 」和 「面向傳統的驚喜 」的空間。


We created the space like a bold, simple concrete box with classic-style display cabinets and a full wall for storing heavy cheese.
Customers are encouraged to create new ways of communication with each other while being offered a selection of cheeses from all over Europe in this space that feels like it’s been here for a long time.


Despite the modern feel of the space, it gives you the feeling of the flavor of tradition, the spirit of fine craftsmanship, and the high quality of the lifestyle. You can encounter “delicious cheese and wine” when you visit this store.


We created a store that is attractive, pleasant, and “a must-visit” destination in Nagoya.