LAMMAS Toranomon Hills

Cheese & Wine Shop LAMMAS|Toranomon Hills Station Tower

The design of this store is centered around France and Italy, offering a selection of fine cheeses and natural wines from various European regions. It is the 3rd. branch of “LAMMAS” and is located in the “Toranomon Hills Station Tower, T-MARKET.”

這次的店鋪設計是以法國和義大利為中心,提供來自歐洲各地精選起士和自然派葡萄酒的專賣店「LAMMAS」,位於「虎之門 Hills Station Tower, T-MARKET」的第三分店。

Since we began planning the flagship store “LAMMAS Sangenjaya” in 2019, the distinctive style of LAMMAS as a “cheese boutique” has been successfully and established. Similarly, the “LAMMAS Roppongi Hills Store,” opened in 2021, has also achieved an evolution in style. The design this time includes the addition of a bar area and a standing drink space offering cheese and wine, aiming to create a more relaxed atmosphere for customers to enjoy on the spot.



Our design concept is “New Nostalgic,” keeping the modern ambiance of LAMMAS while emphasizing respect for traditional cheese in the space, creating a sense that is both familiar and elegant. There is a leisurely and elegant atmosphere in this open and relaxed space. Through the meticulous pursuit of contrast between the two atmospheres, we have created a brand-new cheese specialty store that showcases both traditional beauty and modern innovation simultaneously.

我們的設計理念是「New Nostalgic (新懷舊)」,保留了LAMMAS以往的現代氛圍,同時在空間中強調對傳統起士的尊重,營造一種既熟悉又高雅的感覺。 在這個開放且輕鬆的空間中,散發出悠閒且高雅的氛圍。透過極致追求這兩種空氣感之間的對比,誕生了一家能同時展現傳統美與現代新意的全新起士專賣店。

We have collaborated with a refrigeration cabinet manufacturer to develop a ‘specialized cheese counter’ situated in the center of the store. We have dedicated ourselves to meticulously adjusting various details to ensure that the delicious cheeses are presented to customers in the best condition.



Every 3 minutes, a fine mist is released inside the counter, creating a beautiful misty ambiance in the serene store. We hope customers can leisurely enjoy this beautiful scene from the bar counter.