RENOW × LAMMAS Shimouma Setagaya-ku

RENOW” was in collaboration with the professional cheese import store “LAMMAS” during the exhibition of IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living 2019.

We arranged a limited edition of RENOW’s latest furniture collection inside the store and provided a space where guests could enjoy the LAMMAS special cheese and wine and experience the worldview of RENOW.

在參加IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living 2019展覽期間,同時舉辦了「RENOW」與進口起士和葡萄酒專賣店「LAMMAS」的合作企劃。以期間限定的方式,我們在店內設置了RENOW的最新家具,創造了一個在品嚐LAMMAS特選的起士和葡萄酒的同時,能感受「RENOW」的世界觀的空間。

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