SKM Xinyi Place A8 4F Goods

SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI|Taipei Xinyi Place A8 4F Floor Design

Introducing a renewal project of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A8 4F, the children’s floor. Based on the floor concept ”Kids Dreaming Town”, we designed the space with the keywords “Gift & Relax” born in mind, so that it presents a sense of cuteness and lingering/ relaxation in moms’ perspectives as well. With the fun devices suitable for adults as well as children set up all over the shopping area, a dreamy land is built.


Suspended from the ceiling are tubular mesh as well as round structure that give the space a sense of lightness and exquisiteness. There are multiple products on this floor, so we arranged the displays and properties carefully to make it much neater. In order to create a shopping area people don’t get bored with, we also organized a special corner for gifts.

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