SKM Xinyi Place A8 7F Home Electronic & Kitchenware Floor

SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHITaipei Xinyi Place A8 7F Floor Design

A renewal project of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A8 6F& 7F, a flagship department store with 6610 square meters in Xinyi District, Taipei. We decided to set a common design theme for 2 floors which was called  “Urban Experience House” for relating. As for 7F, based on the main floor concept “Luxury Warehouse”, we provided a quality space where the guest can always discover latest products and including public space, kitchenwares and home electronics area.

The guest can also experience admiring lifestyle in a living room and life kitchen classroom which was designed independently.

這次負責位於台北市信義區新光三越旗艦店信義A8館6樓・7樓,總計2000坪的全面大規模改裝。6樓・7樓是兩個樓層以「Urban Experience House(理想中的都市住宅生活)」為一個大主題來呼應兩樓層的關係性,7樓是以隨時能有新發現的高級倉庫為概念,來設計樓層環境、廚房用品、家電產品區劃。最頂樓的7樓原本是活動大廳,利用高天呈現生氣勃勃空間。